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Adam Kaliner

Adam Kaliner | Founding Partner

As founding partner of Power Home Remodeling, Adam Kaliner is responsible to oversee and provide direction for the company’s operations, accounting, technology, and vendor relations departments. Post college graduation, Adam co-founded Power Home Remodeling with his first cousin, Jeff Kaliner, in 1992 with a clear vision of creating a home improvement company focused on the customer experience. Adam was also among the first of his peers to decide the company would invest time, resources and energy in energy savings products before the green concept was popular. Read more…

Since the company’s inception, Adam has helped see his vision realized with Power being nationally recognized as an organization recognized for its ethics, integrity, and customer loyalty. Under his leadership, Power is among the top 1% of all home improvement companies when it comes to customer satisfaction and their likelihood to recommend the brand to friends and family according to on-going customer studies and surveys conducted by Guild Quality. Power is also the nation’s 2nd largest exterior home remodeling company with $310 million in sales.

Adam has been instrumental in the company’s personnel decisions and overall growth, as well as its critical selection of vendors, manufacturers, and technology partners that share Power’s same commitment to its customers. Power now employs more than 1,450 people across nine territories and has been recognized as a “Top Workplace” by seven of its territory offices. Adam has also been an active leader in the growth of the company’s window and door manufacturer, Northeast Building Products – playing a role in their selection as one of President Obama’s industry growth examples in his inaugural address.

Adam serves on the Remodeling Futures Steering Committee for Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies and sits on the board of the Riverfront Alliance of Delaware County, which is focused on the physical, economic and social revitalization of the City of Chester. He ignited the company’s corporate sponsorship of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in 2011, and since then the company has raised more than $350,000 to fight pediatric cancer.

In addition to his many industry and charitable accomplishments, Adam has won several awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and The Philadelphia Business Journal CFO of the Year award.

Adam holds a bachelors degree in business management at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland in College Park. He currently resides in Bryn Mawr, PA with his wife, Lauren and their three children, Pierce, Aiden and Ashton.

Corey Schiller

Corey Schiller | Co-Chief Executive Officer

As Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power Home Remodeling, Corey Schiller is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the company, including all strategic decisions involving each department within the organization, all regional expansion decisions, and the company’s world-class training, communications and technology platforms.  Read more…

In 2003, just after graduating from American University, Corey joined Power as a Sales Account Executive and within just two years was promoted to Vice President of Marketing. At the time, the 24-year-old showed a distinct and impressive ability to lead his peers by example, showcasing his insatiable desire to self-educate, improve his skills and make the most of every opportunity to succeed. This hunger to achieve created an environment that nurtured talent, while developing a cultural blueprint that set the tone for the unbelievable team atmosphere and camaraderie Power is known for today. It also helped initiate a steady uptick in revenue.

After diving into each department over the course of the next several months, making well thought out recommendations for evolutionary change that would set the tone for the next phase of explosive growth, Corey was named Power’s Chief Marketing Officer in 2006. At this time, he became responsible for the company’s burgeoning inbound and outbound sales and marketing departments. This included oversight of hundreds of employees, implementation of strategic partnerships with Power’s media partners, and management of the company’s technology backbone, which was designed to enter, track and deliver leads to the call center.

Through Corey’s proactive and imaginative approach to lead generation, Power’s previously standard systems became automated with progressive plans to enhance them over the course of the next several years. This led to a significant increase in company earnings and employee count, as well as the company’s first nationwide expansion plan. By 2011, Corey assumed his current position as Co-Chief Executive Officer where he continues to lead Power toward its short-term goals including continued national expansion and $1 billion in sales. Still early in his career, he commands immense respect from each employee by continuously leading through education and action, not afraid to set a creative and strategic vision for this progressive and future-focused company.

Corey is a member of the Window and Door Dealers Alliance (WDDA) and is an active philanthropist and vocal leader for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. A 2003 graduate of American University in Washington, D.C., Corey holds a bachelors degree in history. Corey currently resides in Media, PA.

Asher Raphael

Asher Raphael | Co-Chief Executive Officer

As Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power Home Remodeling, Asher Raphael is responsible for the company’s overall strategic direction, which includes ongoing evaluation and implementation of new business opportunities, partner alliances, and government relations.  Read more…

Asher is also instrumental in the critical recruitment and development of prospective and existing talent, overseeing the company’s talent acquisition and corporate expansion departments, as well as playing a leadership role in strategic communications to our employees.

In 2003, soon after graduating from American University in Washington D.C., Asher joined Power as a Sales Account Executive and within five years was promoted to Vice President of Sales. Throughout his tenure at Power, Asher showed a unique enthusiasm for work and life, which became infectious to those around him. As a leader in our sales department, this positive attitude coupled with intelligent, calculated sales aptitude propelled him forward as one of the company’s top consultants, mentors and managers. At this time, he also showcased his ability to act like an owner of the business without the title. Asher realized the key ingredient to Power’s long-term success and sustainability was its people. While running a burgeoning sales department, he devised a plan to aggressively find, hire and train like-minded talent that matched his competitive spirit and love for company. 

This strategic vision focused on growth and revenue ignited Asher’s next move and in 2009, he was named Chief Strategy Officer. At this time, Asher became responsible to execute the company’s strategic mission in terms of recruitment, retention, expansion and financial growth. Since, the company has experienced unprecedented growth, expanding from one office in Pennsylvania in 2009 to over ten offices in 2015 from Georgia to Texas. He has also created a system for talent acquisition and training that has allowed the company to expand from a few hundred employees in 2009 to more than 1,450 in 2015. All of this has led to 600% revenue growth since Asher took the position four years ago.  In 2014, Asher’s title was rebranded as Co-Chief Executive Officer to more accurately reflect his role within the company.

Asher is a member of the Window and Door Dealers Alliance (WDDA) and is an active philanthropist and vocal leader for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. He is a frequent lecturer at Pi Sigma Epsilon National Fraternity for Sales & Marketing Professionals and was awarded the prestigious Philadelphia Business Journal “40 under 40” award in 2011. A 2002 graduate of American University in Washington, D.C., Asher holds a bachelors degree in political science. Asher currently resides in Media, PA with his wife, Jamie.

Timothy Wenhold

Timothy G. Wenhold | Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, Timothy G. Wenhold is responsible for the delivery of the company’s state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced extranet, as well as its robust information technology platforms, which enable seamless, real-time communication across a network of thousands in 16 states.  Read more…

Since joining Power as a consultant in 2007, Timothy’s counsel and leadership have been instrumental to the company’s growth and aggressive expansion objectives. Understanding the need to better communicate with employees in the field, as well as provide the company a tool where it can seamlessly track marketing and sales progress, customer experience, installation processes, and post-installation payment cycles, Timothy and his team of expert developers and programmers from around the world developed NITRO. Now the most technologically innovative and advanced enterprise solution in this industry, NITRO has become the critical tool to Power’s continued success.

In the process of developing this company-wide solution, Timothy joined the organization as its Chief Innovation Officer in 2011. An enormous opportunity for Power, Timothy provides the organization a history of successful entrepreneurism, owning and operating several multimillion dollar businesses during his storied career - in fact, at the age of 18, Timothy turned down a full scholarship to Penn State University in order to launch the first of his eventual six business.  With this considerable experience, comes intimate knowledge of all aspects of the “organizational chart” including communications, operations, customer relationship management, and sales. Timothy currently resides in Collegeville, PA with his wife Stacy and daughter, Gillian.

J.D. Diskin

J.D. Diskin | Chief Sales Officer

As Chief Sales Officer, J.D. is responsible for the strategic oversight and implementation of all Power sales initiatives and it’s growing sales force of 550 Remodeling Consultants across the company’s nine markets.  Read more…

Under J.D.’s guidance, training, and oversight of the development of state-of-the-art sales tools and training techniques, Power’s talented sales department has propelled the company toward unprecedented revenue milestones including 600% revenue growth since 2009. 

J.D. joined Power in 1995 as one of its first employees, working in its newly developed telemarketing department before quickly moving into marketing and then sales. Showcasing his incredible drive, impressive performance numbers, service to customers and ability to lead, J.D. became Power’s Chief Sales Officer in 2008 and has continued to drive his burgeoning team with a focus on integrity, intelligence, honesty and responsiveness to customer needs.

A 1996 graduate of the University of Delaware, J.D. holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. J.D. currently resides in Radnor, PA with his wife, Heidi and their two children, Jackson and Dylan.

Rob Borislow

Rob Borislow | Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Rob is responsible for company operations and installations including oversight and strategic direction for its windows, roofing, siding, doors and home insulation departments. Read more…

Rob is also responsible to oversee business relationships with each of Power’s product manufacturers and distributors. An instrumental member of Power’s executive branch, Rob must direct and execute logistics for more than 25,000 annual customer installations through nine installation departments across the country. 

Rob joined Power as a Sales Account Executive in May 1994, learning all aspects of the company’s products, procedures and people. Seeing the need to have an individual with a sales and marketing mindset, but also with the business acumen to strategically design and direct operational policies, Rob was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations in 2003 before assuming his current position as Chief Operating Officer in 2008. Since 2008, Rob has helped create, prepare for and ultimately implement an effective strategy for Power’s aggressive national expansion - ensuring that the same level of respect, expertise, craftsmanship, and service goes into every installation across the country.  Rob also oversees our warranty service division, which is responsible for making service calls to customers post installation should a problem ever arise.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Rob currently resides in Lower Gwynedd with his wife, Susan and their four children, Sydney, Sophie, Amanda, and Ben.


Al Ferraioli

Alfred Ferraioli | Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Al is responsible for the development and management of all areas of finance and accounting including financial reporting, tax, treasury, budgeting as well as legal, compliance and risk management.  Read more…

Al works closely with the executive team to support the strategic planning process, and to provide fiscal insight and guidance in support of the rapid growth and expansion Power continues to experience.

Before joining Power in 2011, Al spent nearly 20 years working in financial and operational positions of increasing responsibility in a variety of industries, including IT services, insurance and investments. He held both Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer positions at Business & Decision, North America in Wayne, PA, where he directed all financial and operational activities for the company, as well as developing and executing the company’s acquisition strategy and post acquisition business integration.  His past experience also includes positions with Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. and Arthur Andersen, LLP.  This diverse professional background in finance and operations has made Al a versatile and valuable team member whose leadership has proven essential for an ever-growing company like Power.

Al holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Drexel University.  He lives in Berwyn, PA with his wife, Cheryl, and their three daughters, Erika, Madelyn and Abigail.

Jeff Kaliner

Jeff Kaliner | Founding Partner

As founding partner of Power Home Remodeling, Jeff Kaliner is responsible to oversee and provide direction for the organization’s strategic marketing, regional expansion and culture development platforms. Post college and a year into pharmaceutical sales, Jeff co-founded Power Home Remodeling with his first cousin, Adam Kaliner in 1992.  Read more…

Jeff along with Adam had a vision for how a small home remodeling company could thrive. Treat homeowners with respect and always be on time. Sell products you would want in your own home. Focus on making homes more energy efficient (before that concept was popular). Only hire employees that can help Power realize this vision – while also being the kind of people you would want to spend time with outside of work. 22 years later, Power has become all of these things and more thanks to this vision statement handwritten in Jeff’s apartment two decades ago.

Under Jeff’s leadership, the company has grown to become the third largest exterior home remodeling company in the country with more than 1,650 employees and $310 million in sales. Jeff has been a driving force in the development of the company’s unique “people first” culture and the motto that every employee plays a significant role in the company’s success. He also strongly believes that “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”, and has created a culture who shares his philosophy.

Jeff has also been instrumental in the company’s initial advertising and brand management programs and has served as the “face” of the company in its past popular television and radio ads. 

Jeff is a member of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. He has also been an active philanthropist and fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Habitat for Humanity and YouthBuild USA. Closest to Jeff’s heart is Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. He is board member and Power’s most vocal leader for the foundation – so much so that Power is now one of Alex’s largest corporate sponsors, donating more than $350,000 toward fighting pediatric cancer since the philanthropic partnership began in 2011.
Jeff holds a bachelor degree in management at the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans. Jeff currently resides in Villanova, PA with his wife, Mara and their three children, Ryan, Jordan and Olivia (Livi).