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Green Operations

A CleanTech company, Power Home Remodeling is committed to a culture of environmental responsibility. From recycling old aluminum, steel, vinyl, and glass to hiring green collar jobs and requiring more efficient use of gas for our installation vehicles, Power Home Remodeling is serious about “being green”.

Some of our accomplishments include:

Recycling and Conservation:

  • We have reduced landfill waste by up to 28% by recycling the following: glass, aluminum, steel, vinyl, tarps, cardboard and plastic packaging materials, wood and all other recyclable jobsite debris, totaling over 1,000,000 lbs of recycled materials
  • Creation of digital resources for customers, encouraging homeowners to download brochures, warranties and any other materials they may need, thereby reducing unnecessary printing

Fuel Economy

  • GPS satellite system to create the most efficient routes for project managers, service technicians, installers and remodeling consultants
  • All appointments confirmed in advance to eliminate unnecessary travel
  • Incentives offered to customers to help us conserve fuel and time
  • Group vans used for marketing campaigns opposed to individual drivers

Green Collar Jobs

  • Power Home Remodeling has more than 200 installers performing “green collar jobs” on a daily basis
  • Remodeling Consultants educate, inform and guide customers on ways to make their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • All Power Home Remodeling products are manufactured in the United States, employing thousands of Americans in “Green Collar Jobs,” producing sustainable, energy-efficient products

For more information on other Power Home Remodeling energy management
commitments or green products we offer, such as Energy Star, please contact us today.