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  • I Work At Power Because…

    ....they made my life long dream a reality. This is Ilysa's story. Watch hers and then create your own.

  • I Work At Power Because…

    ...My future is here. This is Ty's Power story. Watch his...and then create your own.

  • I Work At Power Because…'s a life changing journey. This is Tat's story. Watch it and then create your own.

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  • I Work At Power Because…

    ..."They helped make me the person I am today". This is Corey's Power story. Watch...and then create your own.

  • I Work At Power Because…

    ...They helped me become a leader. Power teaches you to develop skills you may never have thought you had and when you've created your own secret sauce of success, we put you in a position to create future leaders. This is Mike's Power story. Watch his...and then create your own.

  • I Work At Power Because…

    ..I feel like I'm home. Power encourages its employees to realize their full potential - and when we feel like you've peaked, we ask you to push for more. Tim is the epitome of that concept. Watch his Power story..and then create your own.

  • I Work at Power Because…

    We're just different. Different in that when you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Different in that we feel about Power the way we feel about family - a family created by two cousins & best friends. Watch their Power story..& then create your own.

“Once you have the interview, you know.” That’s what most of our employees say when asked why they initially decided to start a career at Power. Why? We’re just different. We’re 1,200 personalities from all walks of life who actually love what we do, respect the people we work with, and want to see each other succeed. Because of this difference, people feeling good about themselves and their jobs, we’ve been able to succeed year over year for more than two decades. We are ranked amongst ‘America’s Fastest Growing Privately-Owned Companies’ by Inc. 5000 and recognized as the nation’s 8th best company for career advancement by  We have also increased revenue by more than 900% within the past six years, a feat Google was not even able to accomplish in the same time frame.

Why again? Because our team is different. We’re united. We’re forward-thinking. We’re focused.

We’re also expanding nationwide. We now have 16 offices in eight major markets and are looking to expand further in the months and years ahead.

So…what can you expect from a career at Power? We offer state-of-the-art training and facilities, access to the industry’s most advanced technology, incredible mentorship programs, and rapid opportunity for professional advancement. Furthermore, our employees enjoy a benefits package on par with what you would expect from a Fortune 500 company, along with competitive compensation packages laden with rich performance incentives.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to listen to opportunity knocking. It’s time to love where you work.

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